ROSHNI (Rehabilitation, Opportunities, Services and Health for the Neurologically Impaired)
ROSHNI (Rehabilitation, Opportunities, Services and Health for the Neurologically Impaired)
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The future success and development of ROSHNI as a full fledged Rehabilitaion centre depends entirely upon the grants and donations we receive. Kindly contribute generously to this good cause. ROSHNI, at present subsidizes the expenses of a number of children from the lower social-economic background.

If you would like to sponsor a child / young adult, we will send you the detail. Given below are the basis cost for providing rehabilitation services to one child / young Person will disability.
Sponsorship Scheme
 Tuition  Rs. 1800.00
 Transport  Rs. 3600.00
 Medicine / Food  Rs. 2400.00
 Books / Stationery  Rs.   600.00
 Miscellaneous    Rs. 1600.00
The above amount can be paid annually or monthly.
Cost of AIDS and Assistive Devices (According to Requirement)
 Orthotic Aids (if reqd.)  Rs. 1000.00*
 Mobility Aid / wheelchair  Rs. 5000.00*
 Postural / any other aids  Rs. 1000.00*
*The cost could vary depending on modification require on an individual basis. Thank you for your support
All your financial contributions should be payable to ROSHNI, Ramakrishna  Ashrama, Gwalior. Donations are exempt from income tax under section 80G. Foreign contributions are accepted under FCRA Act - to Ramakrishna  Ashrama, Gwalior.

We look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

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