Welcome to the second season of Points of View, the Point Hacks podcast.

In Episode 10, Chris Chamberlin is fresh off Qantas’ inaugural flight to Bengaluru – in Business Class and booked on points, of course.

And while travelling in India is an amazing adventure, it pays to plan in advance. From landing in a security-heavy Air Force base to finding the right ATM, Chris shares his firsthand experience of incredible India with host Dave Walsh.

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About our podcasts

Are you still boarding a plane and turning right? Or walking past the First or Business cabin watching others sipping their welcome Champagne or OJ wondering how these people can afford these seats?

Well, wonder no more! Flying around the world in Business and First Class is more achievable than you may think, but only when you pay attention to your Frequent Flyer points.

While Season 1 of our podcast series delivered a weekly podcast every Tuesday, this season we’ll be releasing podcasts after we have completed an Experiences trip. Fortunately, there are lots on the horizon.

Podcast listing (20)

Podcast S2 Ep 10 – The Taj Mahal via an Indian Air Force base (w/ Chris Chamberlin)

Travelling in India is an amazing adventure, but it pays to plan in advance. From landing in a security-heavy Air Force base to finding the right ATM, Chris Chamberlin shares his firsthand experience of incredible India.

Podcast S2 Ep 9 –  A taste of the Maldives in New Caledonia (w/ Chris Chamberlin)

Fresh off a Business Class flight, Chris Chamberlin is loving New Caledonia. He joins David Walsh to discuss this whirlwind journey, including how to book it using points.

Podcast S2 Ep 8 – Talking availability and hunting reward seats (w/ Matt Graham, Chris Chamberlin & Brandon Loo)

Looking to nab a Business or First Class reward seat in the current climate? We've gathered some of Australia's leading frequent flyer experts from Point Hacks and Australian Frequent Flyer to get to the bottom of this question and more.

Podcast S2 Ep 7 – All roads lead to Rome (w/ Brandon Loo)

In this episode, Point Hacks' writer Brandon Loo returns to the podcast to brag about his recent trip to Rome and the sparkling Amalfi Coast. With reward availability at a premium right now, we also dive into some interesting and creative ways to jet to Europe on points.

Podcast S2 Ep 6 – The world’s longest flight (w/ Chris Chamberlin)

At over 17,000km from gate to gate and almost 19 hours in the air, what's it like to travel on the world's longest flight? Find out in this exclusive Point Hacks podcast.

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David will speak with some of Australia’s top points collectors.

David hosts the Points of View podcast for Point Hacks, having joined the team at the start of 2018. Having grown up travelling as the child of an ex-pat, David was young when he got bitten by the travel bug. When he’s not working on websites or recording a podcast, David can usually be heard bragging to the rest of the staff about his upcoming Business or First Class trips.

Summing up

We hope you enjoy listening to our podcasts and making them one of your regular travel resources.

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