ROSHNI (Rehabilitation, Opportunities, Services and Health for the Neurologically Impaired)
ROSHNI (Rehabilitation, Opportunities, Services and Health for the Neurologically Impaired)
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  ROSHNI extends the entire gamut of specialist services to persons with disabilities families, despite the severe constraints imposed by limitations in availability of pofessionals  
  ROSHNI extends the entire
gamut of specialist services to
persons with disabilities families,
despite the severe constraints imposed by limitations in availability of pofessionals
Parents & Volunteers
Parents are recognised as the most important resource in helping the person with disability achieve an appropriate quality of inclusive life; empowering parents through awareness and development of appropriate skills is one of our key activities.

Kath and Emma 2 Physiotherapist Volunteers who came through Friends of ROSHNI Uk were with us from September to November 2007; they left after a fruitful placement at ROSHNI, on the 28th  November, to travel in South India. We will miss them both at ROSHNI.

On the 14th December was the ROSHNI Christmas party. The children listened to the Nativity story and joined in with singing some Christmas carols before enjoying lots of sweets and Christmas cake. Michelle our new Volunteer (OT) from the UK and Ellie and Lucy and Mrs Ritu Bapna-Volunteer enlivened the day! It was also the farewell for Eloise and Lucy our GAP Volunteers from Australia.

15th December the GAP volunteers, Lucy and Ellie left ROSHNI. Everybody would like to thank them for all their enthusiasm and hard work and wish them well for the future. They will travel in the country for another month, so will see them again.
GAPPERS & Volunteers from US, Oz and UK
Sahil Jain a young student from the US came to work with the students from 1st to 14th August. He made a wonderful PowerPoint Presentation on getting back to the US and is actively raising funds for ROSHNI. His experience is given below:

I spent 15 days working at ROSHNI in August. If I left with anything after my work at ROSHNI, it was the appreciation learned.

The children are incredibly intelligent, more than I can describe through words; and considering what all is holding them back, mentally and (for many) financially, they are a thousand times smarter than you or I

In India, awareness for such instances  is very low. In a chain effect, the funding to help such children is also very low. After leaving ROSHNI, my efforts are solely devoted to helping this institution. If ROSHNI can make a name in India, then it can set an example for many other similar societies in the nation 

Our GAP volunteers Zoe Salt and Nicole Harrowfield, from Australia (for the 2nd year) and Volunteers Physiotherapists from the UK -Kate Webb and Liz Mawson arrived on the 1st and 12th September respectively. They were with us at ROSHNI through the sweltering heat of September and October and helped us not only working with the students but also the shifting into the new building and all through the preparations for the Inauguration of the new Building of ROSHNI and the build-up to the Golden Jubilee Celebrations. Cath and Charlie arrived in late November.

Some of their experiences are jotted below by Zoë and Nicole, and supplemented by Liz:

We arrived into Gwalior on the 1st of September after having spent 3 days in Delhi. On the 2nd we were taken to ROSHNI by Manjula and shown around the school. We were introduced to the staff and students and given a brief insight into their classes and methods of teaching.

Our first week at ROSHNI involved English and Math classes, pre-vocational work and getting to know the ROSHNI family. Although it was a little confronting, we had a very warm welcome and felt like we had someone to go to if we had any problems.

The opening of the new ROSHNI building was fast approaching and we could sense that everyone was anxious about getting everything done in time. We were very excited for the students to have a new learning environment as we thought it was necessary for their development. However this was a very stressful time and we sometimes struggled to communicate with the staff. This made it difficult to get things done. However we did have the help of Penny and her family. They were instrumental in the process of moving to the new building and we would not have been able to do so without them. Their involvement and presence during this time not only helped the ROSHNI staff but was also very helpful for us as volunteers. We enjoyed having other foreigners to talk to.

After the opening of the new building we found the atmosphere at ROSHNI much more controlled and productive. We noticed that the students had more of a timetable to follow on each day. This allowed us to really teach the kids and see an improvement in their English and Maths. We also began teaching them more practical skills as well, such as cooking and art and craft classes. They would then be able to apply these skills to their everyday life.

We have had an amazing time at ROSHNI and have found the experience life changing. We hope to come back soon and see the progress the children have made.

Liz Mawson
: Our visit to ROSHNI began on September 12th 2008, a Friday. We were taken to Mr & Mrs ML Malhotras’ house, we unpacked our bags and shortly after we were taken to the ROSHNI Centre. We spent a few hours there, being introduced to staff and students; we also had our first lunch at the Ashram. The following day we were able to observe the orthotic specialist from Delhi. On the Sunday, the ROSHNI bus took us to the fort, where we were able to appreciate the splendor of the architecture and told some of the history of the buildings there. It has been fortunate that our visit coincided with a number of celebrations and important meetings. This has given us more of an insight into Indian life, culture and the organization of services.

The next week we started to build a timetable of activities/treatments.
Parents & Volunteers at Roshni
Parents & Volunteers at Roshni
Parents & Volunteers at Roshni
GAPPERS & Volunteers from US, Oz and UK
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