ROSHNI (Rehabilitation, Opportunities, Services and Health for the Neurologically Impaired)
ROSHNI (Rehabilitation, Opportunities, Services and Health for the Neurologically Impaired)
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Direct Services
ROSHNI extends the entire gamut of specialist services to persons with disability and their families, despite the severe constraints imposed by limitations in availability of professionals. Gwalior does not have professionals, and few from the cities are willing to come to such small towns – especially as therapists, social workers, special educators etc. command much higher salaries in the cities than can be matched with the limited resources we have. It is a tribute to the commitment and sense of service of the professionals at ROSHNI that they are able to meet the various rehabilitation needs of persons with disability in the region.
  • Assessment by special educators and therapists, in all areas and detailed individual programmes
  • Family support and training in techniques of practical care for Home–Based Children / Adults
  • Special education-group & individual sessions
  • Speech & communication assessment and programming
  • Medical, hearing, vision and dental clinics
  • Mobility, postural & orthotic aids provided for use at the centre and at home
  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Pre-vocational Training
  • Vocational assessment and skill development
  • Support to Students in Mainstream Schools-Therapy & Special Education
  • Advocacy & Awareness Raising
  • Training of parents / teachers / professionals / community workers
  • Outreach - Urban and Rural
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