This calculator allows you to quickly calculate the value of a frequent flyer point or mile by comparing the cost of a specific redemption, in points, with what you would pay for the same flight.


  1. Estimate an approximate dollar value of a specific redemption you have mind, if you had to pay in dollars, and put that in the first field
  2. Input the cost in points of this redemption in the second field
  3. Press Calculate!

The point value returned can then be used to compare the cost & benefit of different redemptions, and assess whether it is worth taking up any offer which may earn you more points.


  1. A Qantas Sydney to Perth redemption in Business Class costs 36,000 points one way
  2. You would otherwise pay up to $700 for the comfort of Business Class on this flight
  3. Your calculated value per point would be 1.94c

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