Velocity Frequent Flyer is the loyalty program of Virgin Australia, the second most popular frequent flyer program in Australia. Velocity Points can be used with a number of key airline partners including Virgin Australia, Etihad Airways, Singapore Airlines and United.

Earning Velocity Points from credit card spend is one of the key ways that many Velocity members earn their points – if you happen to put a lot of your day-to-day spend on American Express, Visa or Mastercard, there are some high points earning options out there.

Here is our updated list of some of the highest Velocity Points-earning cards on the market.

We’ve included an overview table so you can assess the cards that are out there, versus those you may have in your wallet. We also include some of the current sign up bonuses for new card applicants.

The highest-earning Velocity Point credit cards

Card / Current OfferVelocity Point Earn Rate per $1Points CapAnnual Fee ($)Guide
American Express Velocity Platinum
American Express Velocity Platinum ↓
1.25 points on eligible spend
2.25 points with Virgin Australia
0.5 point on spend at government bodies
uncapped$375Read Here
American Express Platinum Card
American Express Platinum Card ↓
1.125 points on all eligible spend, and
0.5 point on spend at government bodies
uncapped$1,450Read Here
American Express Platinum Business Card
American Express Platinum Business Card ↓
1.125 points on all eligible spend, and
0.5 point on spent at government bodies
uncapped$1,750Read Here
American Express Velocity Business Card
American Express Velocity Business Card ↓
1 point on general spend
2 points on spend with Virgin Australia
uncapped$295Read Here
BOQ Velocity Platinum
BoQ Specialist Signature Visa
1 point domestic
1.5 points overseas
10,000 pcm
0.5 points per $ afterwards
$400Read Here
American Express Explorer
American Express Explorer ↓
1 pointuncapped$395Read Here
American Express Business Explorer
American Express Business Explorer ↓
1 point uncapped$149Read Here
Virgin Money High Flyer Visa
Virgin Money High Flyer Visa
1 point8,000 points per month
0.5 point per $ afterwards
$289Read Here
Coles Mastercard
Coles Rewards MasterCard
1 Velocity Point equivalent
when transferred from flybuys
Transfer is capped at 60,030 Velocity Points per household p.a.$99Read Here
St.George Amplify Signature Visa
St.George Amplify Signature Visa ↓
0.75 pointuncapped$279Read Here
American Express Velocity Escape
American Express Velocity Escape
0.75 pointuncapped$0Read Here
NAB Rewards Signature
NAB Rewards Signature ↓
0.625 point on general spend
1.25 point in major dept. stores and hardwares
1.87 points on overseas spend
uncapped$295Read Here
Commonwealth Bank Diamond Awards
Commonwealth Bank Diamond Awards
0.625 point1,000,000 p.a.$349Read Here
Citi Prestige Mastercard
Citi Prestige Mastercard
0.5 point on general spend
1 point on petrol, supermarkets and national retailers
1.5 point at major restaurants, hotel chains and
major airlines and overseas spend
uncapped$700Read Here
NAB Rewards Platinum
NAB Rewards Platinum ↓
0.5 point on general spend
1 point in major dept. stores and hardwares
1.5 points on overseas spend
uncapped$195Read Here
David Jones American Express
American Express David Jones ↓
0.5 point on general spend
1 point at David Jones
1.5 points at supermarkets and on fuel
uncapped$99Read Here
David Jones American Express Platinum
American Express David Jones Platinum ↓
0.5 point on general spend
1.5 points at supermarkets and on fuel
2 point at David Jones
uncapped$295Read Here
American Express Platinum Edge
American Express Platinum Edge ↓
0.5 point on eligible spend including utilities and ATO
1 points on overseas spend
1.5 points at supermarkets and petrol stations
uncapped$195Read Here
Commonwealth Bank Business Platinum Awards
Commonwealth Bank Business Awards Platinum
0.5 point$300n/a
Westpac Altitude Black
Westpac Altitude Black ↓
0.41 pointuncapped$250 Read Here

How do I use this list?

The Velocity credit cards table shows you some key info, including:

  • ‘direct earn rates’ of credit cards which directly earn Velocity Points on eligible spend, or
  • ‘effective earn rates’ of cards which earns points into a flexible rewards program, but later allows transfers to Velocity Frequent Flyer at varying rates
ANZ Rewards Card
Many bank partners, such as ANZ, offer reward points that can be transferred to Velocity Frequent Flyer.

The ‘effective earn rate’ is an important number which standardises the number of Velocity Points you could earn from different flexible rewards programs, after earning rates for spend and transfer rates to Velocity Frequent Flyer are taken into account. Many bank partners transfer to Velocity in this way.

The numbers in this table are already calculated as ‘effective earn rates’, which means you can more easily compare those cards to ‘direct earn’ Velocity Frequent Flyer cards

What do I need to consider in a Velocity co-branded credit card?

In addition to the card’s effective earn rate, you should also consider:

  • Any card sign-up bonuses for new users (e.g. ‘100,000 bonus Velocity Points’)
  • Unique benefits offered, such as travel insurance or free return flight credits
  • Other transfer partners that flexible rewards programs have, apart from Velocity
  • Velocity-branded credit card annual fees and overall T&Cs
  • Google and Apple Pay capabilities, which are becoming increasingly useful

A large Velocity Points signup bonus might be rewarding enough to help offset a lower earn rate or a higher annual fee on a card, so bear that in mind.

Each card offer and other information on this page should be up to date at the date of publication. However, please note that we update offers over time. If you need more information with comparing different cards, check out our overview table for detailed information on rewards.

What are Velocity’s flexible points program partners?

Velocity Frequent Flyer has many points transfer partners across a wide range of sectors, such as shopping programs, hotels, banks and more. Here, we’ll focus on the bank reward programs. Note that many banks also offer a direct-earn Velocity credit card in tandem with their own rewards cards.

Current deals for Velocity Frequent Flyer-earning credit cards

Summing up

The focus of this guide is to outline the highest-earning Velocity Point credit cards out there on a per-dollar basis. The featured cards in our tables tend to have higher earn rates or better sign-up bonuses at the moment, so may work out to be better for you.

But there are still many other Velocity Frequent Flyer-linked cards on the market with varying points earn rates and annual fees. Browse our card overview table for more detailed information. While you’re here, don’t forget to also check the list of best Velocity Frequent Flyer credit cards with great sign-up bonuses.

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